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There are many types of shipping, but in the end, all that matters is that the package arrives on time and intact. Expediteship.com is your main source of facts and information on all of those types of shipping, because we believe that you deserve to know about the process that takes place between shipping and final destination. Some of the shipping subjects that we touch upon include air cargo, express courier, express mail and express shipping. We also like to recognize the hard work of men and women at shipping companies who make efficient shipping possible, after all, those packages do not get where they need to be by themselves.
Shipping and Express Shipping

Shipping refers to the act of delivering goods and cargo by land, air and sea. Land shipping can be done via train or truck. Air shipping and sea shipping is done by plane and ship respectively, although land transportation from the place of origin to the airport or seaport and from there to its final destination still needs to take place. Land shipping is cheaper that air shipping, but more expensive than sea shipping. There are a few terms that are used in the shipping business, free on board (FOB), cost and freight (C&F, CFR, CNF) and cost insurance and freight (CIF). Free on board means that the exporter pays for expenses like load and lash, and cargo security and protection, while freight and other costs for outbound traffic are payed by the importer. In cost and freight insurance is payable by the importer, and the exporter pays the ocean shipping and freight costs to the specified location. Cost, insurance and freight means that all insurance and freight to the specified location are paid by the exporter. Also, the term “best way” in shipping means that the shipper will pick the carrier who provides the lowest rate.

Many courier carriers offer express shipping. In the United States for example, these shipping companies rely on the number and type of vehicles they have available in order to guarantee their express shipping service, including vans, trucks and even planes. They also have cutting-edge technology at their disposal as a means of keeping track of all their parcels and making sure that they arrive at the right place, and the right time. This can be achieved by way of barcodes that contain all the pertinent shipping information (origin, destination, due date, etc) that can be accessed with scanners. Express shipping can take from two to three business days, but prices are higher than those of standard shipping.

Courier and Express Courier

Courier can be used to refer to both a person or a company that delivers messages, packages and mail. A courier differs from regular mail in the fact that it offers several benefits, such as speed, security, tracking, signature, specialization and individualization of services, as well as committed delivery times. A bicycle courier or motorcycle courier is not uncommon in cities, but greater distance deliveries usually employ lorries, railways and aircraft. An on board courier is a person that is ready to travel anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice, typically using commercial airlines. While this is one of the most expensive shipping related services, companies consider the cost of the courier service against the damages that can be caused by the package not arriving at a specified time.

As with express shipping, the services of an express courier are more expensive in comparison with standard services. However, at times when a package simply must reach its destination and can by no means be late, the courier price is more than worthwhile. When it comes to express courier, the personal courier remains the choice service for customers. This is because this is an express courier that works in close collaboration with clients, so they are able to establish a good rapport with them. Before providing a customer with courier services, any given courier company needs to consider the time which is left in a specified delivery window. Consequentially, the courier companies tend to take less time for such courier deliveries. Generally, a courier company makes use of piggy-back parcels, cargoes and various other resources for deliveries on the commercial airlines.

Air freight

Air freight involves airlines that are dedicated to cargo shipping, sometimes as divisions of larger passenger airlines. Air freight is an essential element of many international logistics networks, critical in the management and control of the flow of goods, energy, information and other products and services. Larger air cargo shipping services typically use newly built aircraft, but others tend to use older aircraft, such as the Boeing 707, Boeing 727, Douglas DC-8, DC-10, Boeing 747 and the Ilyushin II-76. Sixty year old Douglas DC-3’s are still being used for air cargo shipping, and airliners like the An-12, An-26, Fokker Friendship and British Aerospace ATP are currently being adapted to meet standard air cargo pallets to expand their working lives.