When a person needs to have something delivered, a Courier service might provide the best option for sending the message or item. Couriers are any person or organization whose role is to deliver items to other parties. In a large company, one or more people may be employed as a Courier, but most commonly a third party Courier is used. There are several well known companies in the Courier industry that compete against each other and with the United States Postal Service. In addition, there are other types of Couriers that exist for Parcel Delivery in a geographical location.

The job of a Courier goes back for many years. In previous times, the Courier companies did not exist and all manner of methods were implemented to make sure messages were received. In many countries, a runner would be used as a Courier. These runners would deliver messages from town to town in the same manner as a postal service does in modern times. Exotic Couriers also existed in the form of homing pigeons. These animal Couriers were trained to fly a specific route and were capable of carrying a message by tying it to the leg of the pigeon. In the United States, the legend of the efficient Pony Express is well known as being the foundation of American Couriers.

The modern era has seen the transformation of the Courier in many different ways. Technological advancements, such as fax machines and email, have reduced the need for the job of the Courier, but there are still specialty Couriers that transmit items and messages when a signature is needed. In nearly every large urban city, a bicycle Courier service will exist. A bike Courier is one of the fastest ways to achieve Parcel Delivery as they are able to move through crowded traffic at high speed. Also, some companies use what is known as a Just In Time Courier. This type of Courier is available with a small amount of notice time to hand deliver a package anywhere in the world. They are the most expensive Couriers, but are essential in high security and time sensitive cases.

The Couriers industry has seen the rise of many different companies. These firms combine for an estimated $60 billion in revenue each year, making Courier service an important industry. The modern companies are often capable of sending an item anywhere in the world at extremely competitive rates. Compared to Just In Time or other types of Couriers, these services can provide considerable discounts to a company that sends many items. Also, for additional savings, a person or company can use web Couriers, like, as they are becoming more and more popular. A web Courier analyzes all potential shippers and advises the best one to choose.