DHL Express Delivery

DHL Express Delivery is one of the most used services when it comes to delivering mail worldwide. DHL is a German company that was founded in 1969 with the aim to deliver documents and mail in general between San Francisco and Honolulu. However, soon after its founding, DHL became quite popular around the world as it started expanding its services worldwide. DHL Express Delivery is a division of Deutsche Post and it is one of the main companies providing international express mail services with competitors such as UPS, TNT and FedEx. Read on and learn more interesting information about one of the most trustable mail services in the world.

DHL was created as a company that would engage in expedite shipping between continents and would also specialize in offshore delivery. However, at the same time, FedEx entered in business and its success determined DHL to expand its business to countries that were not served by any other delivery services. And this is how it started its expedite shipping expansion in the Eastern Bloc, Vietnam and China. This company is now entirely property of Deutsche Post as a result of an acquiring process that lasted 4 years and ended in 2002. DHL Express Delivery currently holds a Royal Warranty from Queen Elizabeth II and its headquarters are in Bonn, Germany. Headquarters of DHL Express Delivery for the Americas are situated in Florida and Dubai for Asia and Pacific.

DHL offers international services and countries such as Iraq and Afghanistan are only some of the places that this company reaches. Moreover, because it is a German company, it can ship to Cuba, Iran and North Korea without being subject to embargoes or sanctions applied by the United States. Yet, because is not United States-owned, this company cannot make domestic flights between airports in the United States and as a result the services in this country are contracted to other providers.

This company is perhaps one of the most renowned in the world thanks to its seriousness and tariffs. As many other providers, it offers a wide range of services and one can choose from a wide array of tariffs. The company has basically come up with various offers of services that can fit a broad spectrum of needs. Moreover, their services have been improved over time and nowadays people who send or expect to receive a document or package through this company can track it with the help of the track and trace service. However, this service is now available for most deliverers in the world, including its main competitors.

To Conclude, DHL Express Delivery is perhaps one of the most used services that people rely to when willing to send goods or documents around the world. They have a good reputation and this makes them some of the best in the business.